Thank you for your interest in the Men’s Niner Golf Club.

Since we are primarily a social club that plays golf for fun and enjoyment we want to help you become acquainted with our membership and make you feel comfortable playing. If you know some of our members and wish to be paired with them for round or two, please make sure to let us know and we will do everything we can to try to accommodate you.

Most likely you will be paired with one of our Board members early on so we can get acquainted. We want your input on how your experience with the club is going and how we can make it better. Didn’t happen? No problem, you will most likely find a Board member or two at the 19th hole after golf.

Like all organizations, we have our rules and regulations. Here are a few you need to know —

  • You may play up to 2 rounds before officially going the club. You must notify the membership or Tournament Chairman of your desire to play. Not all tournaments are open to non-members so you may be assigned to the next available tournament. Non-members are not eligible for any prizes award during the tournaments.
  • The Niners maintain their own handicap system which roughly corresponds to the official USGA handicap. New members are temporarily assigned 6 nine hole scores to be used in computing their handicap. These scores are assigned based on prior golfing experience. These temporary scores will be replaced one at a time as new tournament scores are posted for the member.
  • Membership dues are $35.00 per year and are non-refundable under any circumstances. There is a one time charge of $7.50 for a name badge. Members joining between October 1st and November 30 will pay a pro-rata membership fee of $25.00. Members joining after December 1st pay $35.00 to include membership for the following year.
  • Each week, the member must check in at the pro shop and pay the green fees for that week’s tournament
  • An entry fee of $5.00 should be paid to the Tournament Fund Chair. This fee is used to pay for club activities and fund the weekly prize pool.
  • All members and guests agree to follow the rules of the USGA, the SCS Men’s Niner Golf Club, The Sun City Summerlin Community Association, and all rules and regulations of the individual course.

Click here to download and print membership form